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The Open Game Bounties 2023

The Open game bounties will return for 2023 and will be announced once the full game list for The Open has been revealed.

The Open Game Bounties 2022

Back for 2022—The Open game bounties sponsored by AYCE GOGI. 10 hand picked games in The Open IFPA World Pinball Championships will have a $100 bounty available to be collected by any player playing that game on a live entry. The bounties will consist of specific goals and the first player to achieve the goal on a machine will win $100. Bounties will be posted after all Open games have been announced and prior to the start of qualifying.

Bounties subject to change.

Players will be responsible for immediately advising a tournament official when achieving a bounty is imminent and/or when it happens. The official will then make a decision to award the bounty if the threshold has been achieved or surpassed. If the player fails to notify an official and the achievement is unable to be verified, he or she may not receive the bounty.

  • Rollergames
    $100—Spell WILLIAMS

  • Alien Star
    $100—Roll it!
  • WWF Royal Rumble
    $100—Reach Royal Rumble Wizard Mode

  • Godzilla (LE)
    $100—Collect a 500M Carnage Bonus

  • Sorcerer
    $100—Roll it!

  • Mystery Castle
    $100—Complete Scavenger Hunt (Start Crown)

  • Shadow
    $100—Reach Final Battle

  • Dirty Harry
    $100—Make 3 Arrests in Crime Wave

  • Party Zone
    $100—Get a Big Bang
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pro)
    $100—Get your Turtle to Level 4

Special thanks to AYCE GOGI and for sponsoring The Open 2022 game bounties. AYCE GOGI is the San Fernando Valley’s one and only Korean BBQ location serving all you can eat KBBQ and craft beer with an amazing revolving lineup of pinball.
7128 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405