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2023 INDISC Challenges

2023 INDISC Challenges will be posted soon. In the meantime, below are the 2022 INDISC Challenges and Challenge Winners:

2022 INDISC Challenges

2022 INDISC Challenges sponsored by Capitol Corridor Pinball League are available to all registered tournament participants. Challenge winners will receive a limited edition commemorative challenge coin* to celebrate their victory (or defeat)

Unless otherwise noted, ties will be broken by the BEST qualifying game on a card, then second best, and so on. Challenges subject to change.

  • Ruler of the Universe – Keith Elwin
    Awarded to the player with the best combined performance in The Open, High Stakes and Classics (I or II, whichever is better).
  • The Open Champion – Zach McCarthy
    Awarded to winner of The Open IFPA World Championship
  • Classics Crusher I – Robert Byers
    Awarded to winner of Classics I
  • Classics Crusher II – Escher Lefkoff
    Awarded to winner of Classics II
  • Bullseye! – Adam McKinnie
    Awarded to winner of the Classics Target Match Play Championship
  • The Whale – Keith Elwin
    Awarded to winner of High Stakes
  • Women’s Champion – Keri Wing
    Awarded to winner of The INDISC Women’s Championship
  • Age Doesn’t Matter – Dave Stewart
    Awarded to the winner of the Seniors division. Must be 55 or over as of February 3, 2022
  • The Kids are Alright – Ashland Belsito
    Awarded to the winner of the Youth division. Must be 12 or under as of February 3, 2022
  • Best Woman in The Open – Stephanie Traub
    Awarded to the woman with the highest qualifying position in The Open.
  • There and Back Again – Arvid Flygare
    Awarded to the highest ranking international player (must RESIDE outside North America) in The Open.
  • No Passport Required – Cayle George
    Awarded to the highest ranking North American player (must reside inside North America) in The Open.
  • Just Another Sunday Monthly… – David Oliver
    Awarded to the best SoCal player. Must RESIDE in one of the 10 counties considered to be in Southern California per Wikipedia.
  • First Time, Big Time! – Tim Sexton
    Awarded to the best The Open performance by a first time player in any INDISC tournament, and who is ranked outside of the top 100 as of February 3, 2022.
  • I’m not dead… I don’t want to go on the cart!
    Qualify for any division finals on a card with a single game scoring exactly 1 point. First qualifier wins.
  • Envy of CCPL – Damien Charléty
    Awarded to the best The Open performance by a current or former member (4+ seasons) of the Capitol Corridor Pinball League.
  • Low Stakes – Andrew Foster
    Qualify for High Stakes finals on one entry with no voids. Highest qualifier wins.
  • Teleport to Finals – Johnny Modica
    Awarded to the player who qualifies in The Open having played the fewest cards. Voided cards will count as cards played.
  • Who Needs DMDs?
    Qualify for Open finals with a card of only pre-DMD era games.

  • Relay Wrangler – Tony Lavigna
    Qualify for Classics I or II on a card with all the EMs. First to qualify wins, one winner only.
  • All Manufacturers Accounted For – Billy Brown III
    Qualify for The Open finals with a card consisting of one game from 5 different manufacturers.
  • I think this thing’s busted?
    Awarded to the last player playing, on the first game to get retired, from any INDISC tournament or division.

  • Undefeated! (sorta) – Bill Mason
    Awarded to the highest qualifier in The Open who was eliminated from the playoffs without a last place finish.
  • The π’d Piper of Pinball – Jacob Swope
    Submit a card in The Open with combined game scores closest to π, minus the commas/decimal. Most matching digits wins! (3141592653589 for reference).
  • …And All I Got Was This Challenge Coin – Chris Chinn
    Awarded to the player who submits the 1000th card overall. Entry must be complete. Voided entries do not count towards the total.
  • The Price is Right – Richie Terry
    Submit a card in The Open with combined game scores closest to 2,032,220,622 without going over.
  • You Belsito’d the Field! – Jason Werdrick
    Awarded to the last player that submits a card in The Open, that pushes themselves above the cut line.
  • Deep Pockets – Maka Honig
    Award for the most cards used across all divisions, including voids.
  • Our Hero! – Kaite Martin
    Awarded to the person who spends the most hours during the event (open to close) volunteering. If tied, first person to have officially volunteered wins.
  • Do it For the Kids!
    Make the largest donation to Project Pinball. If tied, first person to have donated wins.

*Individual players who win multiple challenges will be showered with accolades and acknowledged on the website for years to come. However, only one physical coin will be awarded per person, per event year. Thanks for understanding.

Special thanks to the Capitol Corridor Pinball League (CCPL) for sponsoring the 2022 INDISC Challenges. The CCPL was formed in 2011 to give pinball enthusiasts between the Bay Area and the Sierras a chance to participate in competitive pinball events. The CCPL is currently offering leagues with weekly meetings and quarterly tournaments, in Folsom and Lodi, using formats that are fun and challenging for all skill levels.