Media Partners

The INDISC Tournament Series would like to express its gratitude to our invaluable INDISC media partners for their collaboration, creativity, and commitment to the event, and helping to make sure INDISC is a continued success for both patrons and event organizers alike.

Jeff Teolis • Pinball Profile
Jeff Teolis • Pinball ProfileOfficial Podcast Partner
Host Jeff Teolis of Pinball Profile interviews a variety of people within pinball community. Guests range from designers & programmers, players to collectors, artists to celebrities, and anyone connected to pinball. Jeff is a radio broadcaster for over 25 years, and is an avid pinball competitor currently in the top 100 players in the world. He is the emcee for Pinburgh for PapaPinball on YouTube, and runs tournaments around the globe on the Pinball Profile World Tour.
Gene X Hwang • Orange Photography
Gene X Hwang • Orange PhotographyOfficial Event Photographer
Gene X Hwang is a co-founder of Orange Photography and has covered many pinball events with a focus on a candid and documentary style. He is also a pinball player who competes at many tournaments around the country (and the world!) and has been photographing pinball since he first got into it competitively in 2012. He has been contemplating putting together a book on competitive pinball and will showcase The INDISC Pinball Festival™ including The Open IFPA World Championship™.
Imoto Harney
Imoto HarneyOfficial Event Videographer
Imoto Harney is a cinematographer that travels around the world looking for unique gaming experience and arcades. She creates content to promote pinball and arcades in effort to help grow the community and spread the love for pinball to the masses. Recently, she has teamed up with Marco Specialties and Moriarty Media to create even more hype in the pinball/arcade show circuit. Check out their latest project MarcoTV on Youtube, or find her other pinball content on fb/ig/youtube as @imotoarcade.